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REPACK Elden Ring: Deluxe Edition Serial Number SKiDROW CODEX [v 1.02 + DLC]



NameElden Ring
Rating4.24 / 5 ( 8023 votes )
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The Elden Ring project, known as "RPG Fantasy: RPG Action," is a dynamic new fantasy action RPG, jointly produced by Craft Egg (RPG Fantasy), SAGA GAME Studio (Tales of Berseria) and Sunflowers (NieR: Automata). "RPG Fantasy: RPG Action" is now in development for the Android platform. The game is aimed at releasing in Japan and Asia in 2018, and for launch in North America in 2019.


Craft Egg, Inc. (TOKYO: 393-0107) was established in March 2013, and is headquartered in Tokyo, Japan. Since its founding, the company has focused on developing games based on fresh and innovative ideas, and has released the critically acclaimed award-winning action RPGs Tales of Berseria, Virtue's Last Reward, Tales of Symphonia Chronicles and the Nintendo 3DS JRPG Tales of the Abyss.


Established in 1998 as a joint venture between the Japanese video game publisher and distributor Namco Bandai and WildArts Studios, SAGA GAME STUDIO is a joint production company dedicated to research and development of new entertainment technologies. Its goals are to expand on the tradition of Japanese art, to create the best entertainment products, and to pursue the unknown in entertainment. In addition to RPGs, the studio developed NieR: Automata, which won the Best Action Game at the PlayStation Awards 2017, and Tales of Berseria, which was awarded RPG of the Year at the PlayStation Awards 2018. Currently, the company is developing RPG Fantasy: RPG Action.

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Media Contacts

Keisuke Watanabe, Producer

Tales of Berseria

Saga Game Studio, Inc.


Twitter: @SagaGameStudio


About the company: Tales of Berseria

Tales of Berseria brings a new meaning to "RPG fantasy," with its sprawling environment and delicate, branching story. In this expansive tale, the player's actions impact the main and sub-events of the story. ActionRPG Tales of Berseria is out for the Nintendo 3DS, PlayStation 4 and PC. For more information, visit: For more information on Tales


Elden Ring Features Key:

Fast BattlesWorld map that continuously expands in both breadth and depthOver 100 detailed weapons and armorsMore than 60 types of combat skills to obtain and developWorld in which slaying a monster has an influence on the present situationIntersecting story progression in different stagesAdvanced siege play system (Battle Royale)Wild monsters to be encounteredA variety of dungeons15 job classesCustomizable training system for skills and job skillsThree separate modes of offline playContinuously updated features

Elden Lord Development features:

  • In-depth quest system that continuously expands in both breadth and depth
  • Battle Royale open world
  • Battle of Arms where monsters appear on your map
  • Featuring exquisite and realistic graphics, and a high variety of sounds
  • Over 30 classes of weapons and armors for customization
  • Advanced map layouts
  • Open-World map that can be freely extended
  • Works with the new visual novel series “Elfkin/Elden?”
  • Customize the appearance of your character
  • Fluent maintenance/upgrades
  • Growth through various job experiences
  • Great variety of jobs to choose from in an uncertain world
  • Boosting the effect of your job skills
  • Training system supported by real-time feedback of your abilities
  • Job skills of all classes and jobs can be boosted
  • Advancement of job skills leads to the flow of in-game money
  • Enhance your equipment by equipping materials or and completed jobs
  • Work with and raise your allies to co-exist in harmony
  • M


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    Gameplay/Simulation/Action/RPG 5

    Innovation/Originality/Fun 5

    Graphics/SFX 3

    Story/Voice Acting 5

    Multiplayer/Online 4


    Gameplay/Simulation/Action/RPG 5

    Innovation/Originality/Fun 5

    Graphics/SFX 3

    Story/Voice Acting 5

    Multiplayer/Online 4

    If you are a new reader of the magazine please don’t hesitate to give us an email. We use this email exclusively to respond to your comments and suggestions about our site and our articles. We thank you for your support.


    THE NEW FANTASY ACTION RPG. Rise, Tarnished, and be guided by grace to brandish the power of the Elden Ring and become an Elden Lord in the Lands Between.
    The Tarnished Tribe, or the tribe of the ones who were born tainted, broke away from the Elden Council, the group set up by the elder god, Sleipnir, in order to win the right to govern the land, and are still fighting to gain their independence.
    They are regarded as a shady group by the rest of the Elden, with little to no respect for the fair game. Their ability to utilize powerful magic is frowned upon.
    Elden Lords
    Elden lords are lords of the Elden tribe, those who can wield all the power of the Elden Ring, and their abilities far surpass those of normal humans.
    The descendants of ancient elves, they are one of the most powerful races on the world, with access to incredible amounts of magic.
    Elden Lords are used to growing up in the wilderness as a child of nature, living among bears and other creatures. It has been a long time since they have lived in a settlement, and they are used to being outside.
    Because of this, they are often aloof and stand apart from others, seeing the world as if it were a place that belongs to them alone. Elden Lords keep to themselves, not socializing with others much because of this trait.

    Games Review by John & Paul:

    If you like RPG’s and you like fantasy, then this is the game for you. Elden Ring is the latest RPG


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    (2019/7/17, version 3.2.0, Firefox Firefox 51.0.1)


    ■Acreo Forest


    Acreo Forest is a huge forest full of abundant and delicious fruits. There are poisonous plants here that are difficult to overcome, so avoid getting lost.



    Aganar's attacks move at quick speed, making it a difficult character to predict. Dodge it well!



    Arma's attacks deal a large amount of damage and are particularly effective against humanoids. They will corner you and destroy you if you get hit by multiple attacks in succession.



    Akatlam's attack power is very low, so keep your distance and attack it from behind.



    Allat has an ability to confuse and blind you. The longer you stand still, the greater its effect is.



    Altamag has a high physical defense, but its attacks can be avoided with little effort. Its weak points are at its neck and head.



    Arx is a powerful elf-like demon. It attacks with large and dangerous claws, and is dangerous to even the strongest hero.



    Atrusa's attack power is very high, so keep your distance and attack it from below.



    Bibbr is a gem that has been cursed. By collecting the seven gems within the seven layers of Bibbr, you can remove its curse and restore its power.



    Cria attacks primarily with its mouth. If you get hit in the mouth, you can parry with a certain attack.



    Drelkin is an earth dragon. Its attacks deal a large amount of damage to animals.

    ■Earth Queen


    Earth Queen is a gigantic and powerful chestburster that comes out of the mountains. It can also burrow underground to disappear.



    Fera's attack power is very high, so keep your distance and attack it from below.


    What's new:

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    page number:


    System requirements:

    OS: Windows XP or later

    CPU: Dual Core

    RAM: 4 GB

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2018-10-17T00:54:06+02:00Round 2 of the!Chaev Topic Rd2 Call P1reR10k
!Chaev Topic Rd2 Call P1reR10k!Chaev, you are not the dead, you are the undeadChaev, you are not the dead, you are the undeadR1d2 Call: P1reR10k

Hey guys I've got a game for Round 2, the basic challenge is to play through the latest 1.X Path of the Ranger Tier 10 playtest. In addition, the playtest comes with a muck, so we change the order of operations slightly and bring in a homebrew monster as a challenge.

Real name: Carlos Lujan
Age: 41
Real profession: a Panderer
Zodiac: Taurus
Favorite Theme: the old west

Characters* • Chaev Of Itosa • Saggreth The Gnoll • Holey Coals Of Revenge • Old Noi • Chief Erp • Six-Faced Cullen • Wizard Smidth • Jethro Of Gaumiti • Mucklord Willibrord

Note: Jethro Of Gaumiti and Holey Coals Of Revenge are slightly different from the pre-release material.

Cure Critic Corps: None

Challenge: You've never played a pre-update D&D. It's a two-shot, both sessions are (as non-2e D&D OGL sources say:)

"This is

System Requirements For Elden Ring:

The setting of High-Tier: HVT will give the game in the following hours a total of 25% faster damage and 35% faster movement speed, with a 25% decrease in special enemy armor and damage.
The setting of Upper-Tier: Upper will give the game in the following hours a total of 25% faster damage and 35% faster movement speed, with a 25% decrease in special enemy armor and damage.
The setting of End-Tier: End will give the game in the following hours a total of 25% faster damage and 35% faster


NameElden Ring
Rating4.24 / 5 ( 8023 votes )
Update(13 days ago)



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